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The Icecreamists Dance Crew

The Icecreamists Dance Crew is one of the leading dance crews of Singapore. We have a team of talented and experienced dancers with backgrounds on performing on large scale events. Creative fusion of the music beats and wicked dance moves is why The Icecreamists is emerging as one of the top few dance teams in Singapore.

Our humble beginning was made possible with our team of ice cream loving dancers dancing tirelessly day and night to deliver and exceed expectations. Blood, sweat and tears were the bedrock of The Icecreamists Dance Crew. Besides recruiting young and talented dancers, we constantly explore different genre of dances to revolutionize dances.

LED Wings Performance

A twist to the classic belly dance, the LED Wings performance is just as mesmerizing on it’s own. The LED Wings enhances LED technology with smooth body movements and percussive movements. This performance is most suitable for indoor setting events, with the lights dimmed to maximize illuminance effect.


The spins and turns with LED Wings attached is particularly captivating.

Lion Dance Performances

The Icecreamists Lion Dance troupe in Singapore prides itself alongside the best within the industry, and settles for nothing lesser than a perfect show for the audience.

Traditions are never old and irrelevant; while we need to understand and appreciate the significance of each and every moves in Lion Dance, we also have to acknowledge our shared heritage that embraces a marriage of different dances in the heart of Singapore.

Mask Changing/Bian Lian performance as always been a hit with audiences from international and local alike. The allure of mystery and intriguing demonstration of mastery keeps audiences staring into the mask of our Bian Lian performer.

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