The Icecreamists

Boutique Ice Cream Installation in London

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The Icecreamists offers a unique experience for aficionados of freshly-made Boutique Ice Creams, Pure Frozen Yogurts and Ubercool Shakes. We hope pleasure seekers everywhere will enjoy the intoxicating allure of white alchemy as much as we enjoyed creating this new creed in consummate cool. The Icecreamists. The Icecreamists welcome fashionistas, bon vivants, raconteurs, troubadours, revolutionaries, disgraced politicians and lonely housewives. Icecreamist: (adjective if using to describe) A person or persons addicted to or obsessed with ice cream. An extreme ice cream fanatic. Can be highly addictive and infectious. Icecreamism: (Noun) A term used to define people suffering from an addiction to or obsession with ice cream. The Icecreamists TM is a registered trademark. The Icecreamists are anti mono-culture and McWorld and celebrate diversity through creativity and the currency of ideas.

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