Indiana Acadis Portal: A Comprehensive Guide

Indiana Acadis Portal

In an effort to provide centralized information storage in support of coordinated emergency readiness and response, the Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS) and the Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) have collaborated to create the Indiana Public Safety Personnel Portal (Indiana Acadis Portal). This platform intends to keep public safety personnel’s records up to date by offering pertinent updates while providing access to the information released by other organizations on their behalf. Both EMS and fire certificate holders can renew their certifications through the Portal as long as they follow the guidelines set out by the EMS Commission and the Board of Firefighting Personnel Standards and Education. The platform also permits certification exams, refreshes training, monitors companies, and streamlines interactions with emergency services responders from all over the state.

Instructions for Indiana Acadis Portal

Your Portal Account Creation:

To request a portal account, you must be aware of the following details.

  •  PSID
  • Final Name
  • A working email address

If you currently have a PSID but lack a Portal Account, you can skip the process below once the link above successfully processes your PSID request and simultaneously creates your Portal Account.

Don’t request an account again; instead, follow the steps listed below.

Go to the Indiana Public Safety Personnel Portal website by launching your browser.
Pick the link in the left navigation pane.
On the portal’s sign-up page, complete all the forms and click [Continue.
We will send you the final registration instructions via email. After selecting [Finish], open the email.
You can return to the Indiana Acadis portal signup page by clicking on the link in the email. You must respond to specific questions that will confirm your identity in order to finish the process. Fill out the form, click [Continue], and adhere to the on-screen instructions.

Accessing the Indiana Acadis Portal:

You’ll need a portal account in order to access the Indiana Acadis portal. Please follow the instructions in this document’s section on creating your portal account if you need to create an account.

Go to the Indiana Public Safety Personnel Portal main page by launching your browser.

Enter your login and password in the left navigation window and click [Sign in.” Your entire email address entered when creating your portal account will serve as your username.

Click the Forgot your password? link found underneath the Indiana Acadis portal login fields if you can’t remember your password.

Your new password will be sent to you through email. It is advised that you copy your email’s password rather than typing it in. the initial time you use your new password to you’ll be requested to alter your password.

Congratulations!  You should be seeing your Indiana Acadis portal home page now that you have successfully signed into the portal.

Your Indiana Acadis personnel profile’s data, including your PSID number, is displayed on your portal’s main page. You can view and print any of your active certifications from the Home tab, as well as electronically renew any certification that is currently active in the online renewal window. For more details, refer to the section headed “How to Renew your Certifications.”

  • Click the [Edit My Profile] link to make any necessary adjustments if any personal information in the My Profile area looks to be inaccurate or needs to be changed.
  • Please email the Indiana Department of Homeland Security for assistance if any certification information seems to be wrong or is missing.

Here’s how you can go about renewing your certifications.

Renewing Your Certification:

a. Sign in to the Indiana Public Safety Personnel Portal by launching a browser and visiting the portal’s homepage.

b. Eligibility for electronic renewal: Certificates with a [Renew] link can be renewed electronically. This option becomes available well in advance, specifically 90 days before the certification’s expiration date. Certifications cannot be renewed online if they have already expired.

c. Renewing Multiple Certifications: If you have several certifications expiring, each certification with an active [Renew] link should be renewed separately.

EMS Professionals:

If you are an EMS professional renewing your EMS-Emergency Medical Technician, EMS-Advanced Emergency Medical Technician, or EMS-Paramedic License, you only need to renew your highest level of certification or license. Avoid renewing lower-level certifications even if the renewal link is present on your portal page.

Indiana Acadis Portal’s Additional Renewal Information:

  • Renew your highest EMS certification or license, along with your EVOC, EVOC Instructor, and Primary Instructor certificates.
  • Click the [Renew] link for the certification you want to renew.

Editing Personal Data:

You can edit your Acadis personal data on the first page that appears. Select [Continue] to proceed to the second page if no adjustments are needed.

  • Select [Update Information] if you need to edit your data. After saving your changes, return to make any additional modifications if necessary. When ready, click [Continue].

Renewal Instructions:

  • Find renewal instructions on page two. Before clicking [Continue], thoroughly read this page.

Submission Outcomes:

Upon clicking “Submit,” you’ll encounter one of three outcomes:

1. Successful Submission:

You’ll receive a confirmation message, and updated certification details will be available on your portal’s home page.

2. Random Audit Selection:

If selected for a continuing education audit, you’ll receive pop-up instructions upon selection.

3. Unsuccessful Application:

In case of rejection, a pop-up alert will provide the reason for the rejection.


Post-Submission Actions:

    • After a successful submission, you will see a confirmation message. The amended certification expiration date can be observed on your portal home page after clicking [Done], which will take you back there.
    • You can also print any valid certifications using their respective [Print] buttons.
    • Random audits for continuing education records may occur, with pop-up instructions appearing if selected.
    • In the event of an unsuccessful application, a pop-up alert notice will inform you of the rejection and provide the reason.


Through a strategic partnership between the Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS) and the Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA), the Indiana Public Safety Personnel Portal emerges as a critical tool for maintaining and updating the records of public safety personnel in the state of Indiana

Furthermore, this platform not only simplifies the process for EMS and fire certificate holders to renew their certifications but also serves as a hub for training, supervision, and facilitating seamless communication among emergency service responders.

By providing accessible and effective tools through the Acadis Portal, Indiana significantly enhances its ability to coordinate disaster readiness and response. Consequently, this plays a pivotal role in safeguarding the safety and well-being of its communities. In essence, this collaborative effort stands as a crucial step toward ensuring public safety and emergency preparedness.