Dumpor: Instagram story viewer anonymously


The anonymous Instagram story viewer, to see what all the excitement was about because it has become extremely popular in recent weeks. We could tell from the start that this was going to be a strong instrument, but if you use it carelessly, it may also endanger your safety or reputation. Before you download dumpor, make sure you read these things.

Describe Dumpor.

With the use of a tool called Dumpor, you may watch any Instagram story from anybody in secret and without identification. In order to check who someone is following and how many followers they have, you can also view their profile or followers while they are online. The ability to look for users based on their location is an additional awesome tool that lets you stalk locals! Many anonymous apps exist that make the claim to be private, but none of them are as secure as Dumpor. Dumpor’s private capabilities are unmatched because it was entirely rewritten from the ground up using fresh code and cutting-edge encryption. Because of our zero-log policy, data is never retained on our servers!

Please read our terms and conditions before downloading the dumpor. At Dumpor, we take privacy extremely seriously. Please use it wisely. Please feel free to email us with any issues you find and any recommendations you may have!

How Should It Be Used?

Dumpor is a terrific technique to watch someone’s Instagram photos while making sure they are unaware that you are doing so. Dumpor only needs their username to be entered in order to show their tagged pictures and tales, if any. Without following them back, you may also see who their followers are and read their stories. You can just dismiss your browser window if you want to be completely anonymous. Your identity can be exposed on social media with only one unintentional click; however, Dumpor is a simple program that keeps all of its users safe while they accomplish their needs or desires.

Everyone is aware of the dangers associated with tracking someone on social media, after all! We at Dumpor are committed to protecting your privacy. Unlike some of our competitors, we are completely against storing IP addresses or any other information that could be used to personally identify you, such as phone numbers or email addresses. We also encrypt our servers, so none of your data ever leaves our control.

Why Is It Beneficial?

Many people wish to stalk others or their ex-partners in secret. Though they don’t want them to know that they are doing it, they still want to be able to view what they are doing on social media. Frequently, there is also a component of seeking retribution and feeling wounded. You can view your ex’s Instagram stories and pictures for free with Dumpor, all without their knowledge. Since there is absolutely no sign-up needed, it is completely anonymous. By using categories to search for photos from friends and family or from other interesting places like cities, neighborhoods, etc., you can be sure you don’t miss any.

Push notifications allow users to receive real-time alerts, ensuring they never miss anything noteworthy. Because it pulls directly from a user’s phone book (which only occurs when users consent), searching by profiles is simple and you can avoid having a ton of clutter when looking things over. This gives you access to user accounts that haven’t joined up yet.

When someone follows them back, users will instantly receive push alerts! This feature is similar to Twitter or Tinder notifications, but it is accessible on mobile devices at all times! Through a map interface, users can browse location posts that have been specially marked anonymously! We intend to add a facial recognition option shortly, so users won’t see their names on the screen if they desire more security measures!


Dumpor is a free, private, anonymous Instagram reader that lets you explore profiles and stories without revealing your identity. Using Dumpor, you may search Instagram users by location or tag to see all of their stored stories or tales from the previous day. Additionally, Dumpor offers you free access to every user’s profile and followers. Dumpor makes it simple to access Instagram privately! Use of Dumpor: Why? Tell your narrative in private to others by utilizing the drawing, video, and photo capabilities. and, when they aren’t following you, watch other Instagram users’ stories without alerting them.

It’s also not always acceptable to let someone know that they’ve been viewed (for example, when someone unfollows you after seeing your photo on their page). That’s why it would be great if there was an app that let us view their photos without telling them. and dumpor does precisely that for you! Download dumpor right away to avoid falling behind the trends and missing any more stories!


Even though many of Dumpor’s features might not seem threatening when combined, they can be highly harmful when used in combination. For instance, anonymously seeing someone’s profile makes it simple to follow and track them. Similarly, geolocation allows you to tag multiple locations on photos as part of a story for other viewers to see, even though manually tagging locations (i.e., taking a photo from one location and posting it with another location-tagged) will not reveal that location’s username or profile picture to others.

These kinds of tools have the potential to seriously hurt users if they are utilized maliciously by other parties. Because most users utilize Instagram stories publicly, there are privacy risks associated with using these technologies in addition to security problems.


You can view other people’s stories, profiles, and tagged posts anonymously with Dumpor. You may also do anonymous profile or tag searches with Dumpor. The Google Play Store and App Store provide the app for download. Install it now to safeguard your privacy! Your environment will be far more intriguing and enigmatic.