What to Consider When Purchasing a Used Boat Trailer for Sale

A boat without a trailer devalues it significantly and reduces the number of people who might be interested in it.

The best place to find a used boat trailer for sale is by asking around your social circle and checking bulletin boards at local community centers.

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A trailer with good brakes is vital. Many boat owners are surprised that a trailer can lose up to 79% of its value if the brakes aren’t in good working condition.

In addition to ensuring that the trailer’s brakes function properly, they should be regularly greased. Because boat trailers are frequently submerged in salt water, they can be prone to corrosion. This is especially true of the bearings that help the trailer to roll down the road.

It’s also important to check the age of a trailer’s tires. Most trailer tires last for about six years before needing to be replaced. Check the tire sidewall to determine its age by looking at the DOT code, which gives the date of manufacture. If the tires are over six years old, a new set should be mounted before using it on your next trip. Also, check the tires to ensure they have good tread and are inflated properly.


Having good tires is crucial if you are going to be transporting a boat trailer. Having the right size tires on your boat trailers for sale Pennsylvania can prevent the axles from breaking down prematurely. Additionally, if the tires are not properly inflated, they can create excessive heat, damaging the tire.

It’s important to look at the tire size, type, and load capacity. You want the tires to be rated for the weight of your boat, engine, gear, and fuel. The load rating is listed on the side of the tire.

You also want to ensure the trailer’s wheels have good tread and are not rusty. Check that the bearings are greased regularly. If not, they will wear down quickly due to constant exposure to salt water. Make sure the trailer lights are working properly. They are dunked in water, often saltwater, so they have a higher failure rate than normal light globes. Also, be aware of paperwork snafus with the VIN. If it is not legible or does not match the ownership papers, you will run into issues at the DMV.


The gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) is one of the most important things to look at when purchasing a boat trailer for sale. The maximum load the trailer can handle is this number, including the boat, engine, and gear. It’s a good idea to purchase a trailer capable of carrying at least 15% more than the maximum load.

Another thing to consider is whether or not the trailer has lights. If the trailer has lights, it’s a good idea to plug them into your tow vehicle and test them to ensure they work. It’s also a good idea to ensure the wires are insulated and protected from exposure.

The best way to find a used boat trailer for sale is to ask around. Let your friends and family know that you’re looking for a trailer, and they may have an idea of someone selling one. You can also ask at work or check bulletin boards at churches and community centers for leads.


Recreational boating is at a ten-year high, with spending at $39 billion. Boat owners spend money on boats, engines, accessories, services, and new or used boat trailers.

When looking for a used boat trailer, ensure the frame isn’t bent or damaged. If the previous owner had a big, heavy boat on it, it can stress the frame and cause damage or even failure.

Check the capacity plate to find out what the axles can carry, but be aware that many older trailers have worn or missing capacity plates. Also, look for chafe protection where the wires enter and exit the trailer frame. You want to see heavy grommets and chain protectors.

Finally, look for rust in the frame. There’s a difference between superficial rust that can be cleaned up and the rust that has eaten through the metal, leaving nothing but honeycomb layers of soft, flaky metal. If it’s the latter, you have a potential disaster.